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Isn’t it true that everyone has a religion?

It might be environmentalism, or capitalism, or some other ism.

I guess even atheism is a religion of sorts.

Leaving and Joining

Leaving Twitter and Facebook and putting all my online content into micro.blog is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I thought just now, I haven’t even seen an online argument since I left Twitter.

I haven’t had such online peace since I decided to stop reading and watching the news.

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Our Banshee

I’m not much of a portrait photographer, but when Banshee plopped down in my thinking chair with a bit of backlight from the window, I grabbed my camera.

Moralistic therapeutic deism is the religion of our day. We worship so we can feel better about ourselves rather than to brought out of ourselves, to see the bigger picture, and to see where we fit.


Come on, Mets. Get those Yankees.

My blood cancer is not getting worse and my broken tooth is fixed. Overall, a good day.

Lillie’s and Such

Had to try posting a photo with Icro. CE2A1C5E-99C4-4BB8-A061-7EF4C77F4981.jpg

This morning I have blood tests to see if my cancer is getting worse. This afternoon I see the dentist about a broken tooth. I’m more scared about the dentist.

This could be a good day. At least it hasn’t negated the possibility yet.

I like Fruit of the Loom because the apple is fat. Jockey never uses fat models.

Went for the cherry pie.

Today we are planning our semi-regular lunch at Gray Brothers Cafeteria in Mooresville, Indiana. I’ll probably have the country fried pork tenderloin with white gravy and a slice of pie. Maybe lemon meringue or butterscotch cream. Or maybe a slice of carrot cake instead.

After that, the afternoon is dedicated to chasing down sewing supplies for Carol’s projects.

It’s a football game in Baltimore.

I must have the mnemonic plague.

Abandoned motel

The first of the post-Ludlum Bourne novels seems to ignore the fact that Jason Bourne would have been about 55–60 years old by then.

“In online debate, in media discussion and even in casual conversation, there is quite a lot of confusion about what exactly is a Christian. The term is often taken as code for a particular political position, or as someone having a particular view on a controversial topic of the day. But none of these actually explains what a Christian is, or what Christians believe.”

What is a Christian? via Instapaper

I’m finding my transition from Adobe Lightroom to Apple Photos to be fairly painless, with a few minor learning and adjusting points.

I have a sensitive tooth that is preventing me from slugging down my coffee in the usual manner. It’s an unanticipated workflow issue.

It must be my age. I don’t remember disliking reentry into work after days off so much before in my life.

“Oh Lord, we’ve had it pretty rough lately, what with the exile and all. We thought it would be a great idea if we had super clear instructions on what you want from us so we can avoid this sort of thing in the future.”

Biblical Inspiration: “I Wonder What God Thinks of the Bible.” A Play in One Act.

via Instapaper

No Outside Force

“God has a firm loving grip on the believer, and no outside force can separate the believer from God and God’s love. A believer cannot lose his or her salvation as one might lose one’s glasses. But by willful rebellion there is the possibility of apostasy, of making shipwreck of one’s faith. The Good News, then, is that one cannot lose or misplace one’s salvation or simply wander away by accident. Indeed, only by an enormous willful effort could one throw it away. Such is the loving grasp God has on his children.”

Ben Witherington III and Darlene Hyatt, Paul’s Letter to the Romans: A Socio-Rhetorical Commentary (Grand Rapids, MI: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 2004), 235.

Nerd me. Not my fez. My son’s.

Drinking a cup of Pike Place blend, the first in a long, long time.

Randall McRoberts